News and Features


* News: “Workshop Focuses on Strategies to Fight AIDS Epidemic” (Montgomery Gazette Newspaper - Regional)


* News: “Miss Lanham Eagerly Awaits Competition for State Title” (Montgomery Gazette Newspaper - Regional)


* Feature: Two Bars, a Pub, and the Clubs (and a place to take the Folks) (Austin, Texas - Citywide)


* Entertainment Feature: “Super Synergy” (Soap Opera Weekly Magazine - National)


* Feature Interview: Bob Wurzelbacher, Candidate for the Holy Cross Brotherhood (“To Walk Humbly With God: An Ethnography”)


Technical/Industry Published Writings


* “Cost Cutting Exercise” (CPP Magazine – Central Europe)


* “System for Hele LIVSSYKLUSEN” (Industridata - Norway) NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE


* “New Manufacturing Technologies…” (Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Packing Sourcer – Britain, Continental Europe, Australia, US)


* “MES for all Plants” (European Dairy Manufacturer – Continental Europe, Britain)


* “MES Bei Tnuva” (Deutsche Milchwirtshaft – Germany, Austria) GERMAN LANGUAGE


Corporate/Executive Communications


* MES Express Roll-Out Global Press Release (Honeywell)


* Technopharm Pharmaceutical Trade Show Press Release (Honeywell)


* eSpec Upgrade European Press Release (Honeywell)


* Honeywell POMS Corporate Backgrounder (Honeywell)


* web excerpt: Honeywell POMS Mission Statement (Honeywell)


* Dompé Pharmaceuticals Case Study (Honeywell)


* Executive Correspondence (Deepwater Program)


* Senior Officer Talking Points (Deepwater Program)


* 2001 Annual Snapshot of Honeywell Marketing Communications Achievements


Marketing Collateral and Advertising


* Honeywell POMS Full-Color Product Marketing Brochure


* Honeywell Advertorial from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer magazine


* Honeywell Tabloid Advertorial from Consumer Goods Today magazine


* Honeywell “From Spec to Finish” Advertisement


* Honeywell “What’s Your Record” Advertisement


* POMS Pressetour Deutschland: Overview Power Point Presentation GERMAN LANGUAGE


* Honeywell POMS Product Description One-Sheet from CPG Product Line Marketing Package


* web excerpt: Honeywell POMS Product Line/Vertical Market Home Page


* Themed Invitation to POMS Customer Users’ Group Conference




* Interview with Ben Bryant, Colleen Ellis, and Martin Atkinson of Honeywell ACS from 2002 Interphex trade show in the United Kingdom (Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Packing Sourcer – Britain, Continental Europe, Australia, US)